Monday, May 23, 2016

Hair | Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curler

When I was younger, I had really straight hair and I always wanted to have curly hair (like my mother). When puberty arrived, my hair became curly and I was blessed! Now, even if I'm glad with what mother nature gave me, curlier the hair happier I am. As everyone know, some day you're very satisfied with your hair, some other day they just look terrible. Anyway, today I want to share a very simple solution to this hair problem

I already talked about my "beauty routine" here on the blog and the fact that I try to use as often as possible natural products. To make your hair curlier you can wash your hair, then braid them as they're still wet and sleep on them. The next morning you'll remove your braids and your hair will be curly. But, if you really want to go a step further, I recommend using heat

In fact, thanks to heat, your curls will be perfect every time and you can control what you want exactly (looser curls or more wavy ones for example). To obtain the result you can see on the photographs of this post, you can try the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curler which I used to get these curls. It was sent to me for me to try it and make an honest review about it. 

My opinion is that the Ruby Auto Curler is very simple to use. There are five adjustable temperature options : 260°F, 300°F, 340°F, 380°F and 410°F (127°C, 149°C, 171°C, 193°C and 210°C). You can press on two different buttons to make it rotate (one is the "L" button to left rotate the barrel automatically, the other one is the "R" button for automatic right rotation). Then, you just have to clamp a section of your hair and press either "L" or "R" to auto curl the hair.

The tightness of the curl or wave depends on the amount of hair you wrap and also the amount of time you keep it wrapped around the barrel. The more hair you wrap, the looser the curl or wave. The choice is yours : you can choose to go for tight baby curls or loose beach waves. All the fun is trying different ways of using it!

I would like to thank Irresistible Me for sending me this hair tool. I invite you to go on their Pinterest and check out their Instagram and their Youtube channel if you want to find inspiration for hair styles. 

I hope my review was interesting. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. If you already have a Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curler please share your opinion about it or even photos of the results you had. 

On these words, I'm leaving you and wish you all a wonderful week!


  1. HIIIIIIII <3 J'adore tes petites pinces fleurs *^* <3

    1. Hey! Tu peux les trouver chez H&M si ça t'intéresse :)

  2. Beautiful hair and makeup!

  3. Your hair looks beautiful! I've never tried any automatic rotating styling tools before so it's nice to see the results you got.

    Nellwyn |

    1. I'm glad that thanks to my article you can see the result :)
      Thank you for your comment Nellwyn ♡