Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last purchases : Irish Haul

Dress from Topshop.

Quand je suis allée en Irlande, j'ai surtout visité mais j'ai aussi fait du shopping.Voici donc tout ce que j'ai acheté en quelques photos!

When I went to Ireland I mostly visited the country but I also went shopping. Here's pictures of all that I bought there!

On the left : Only the dress is new. I bought it at Carousel (click here to order it)
On the right : It's been months since I wanted to buy me this dress from Topshop and I found it on sale! (you can see pictures of me wearing it here) and I bought the "Travel Listography" at Avoca

On the left : Little mermaid pyjamas from Topshop. Amazing right? And so comfortable!
On the right : Vintage dress and sunglasses from Topshop (you can see pictures of me wearing it here)

On the left : Again, only the dress is new and I bought it at Urban Outfiters (you can see pictures of me wearing them here).
On the right : Top and shorts by Topshop.

Yellow top from Urban Outfitters / White top from Topshop / Panties from Primark

On the left : Pyjamas and panties from Topshop.
On the right :  T-shirt and legging from Urban Outfitters.

On the left : Vintage overalls (me wearing them here/ shoes from Topshop
Panties from Primark.
On the right :  T-shirt from Trinity College shop / Vintage skirt

On the left : Shirt, top and sunglasses from Topshop.
On the right :  Top and dress from Urban Outfitters (you can see pictures of me wearing them here).

Overall from Urban Outfitters (you can see pictures of me wearing it here)

Voilà pour aujourd'hui! J'espère que vous aimez ce que j'ai acheté et que l'article vous a plu.
Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse journée à tous!

That's it for today! I hope you like what I bought and hope you enjoyed the article. 
I wish you a wonderful day to all of you!

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