Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12th

Today i'm going to post a movie critic. The movie is Detachment, it was released by Tony Kaye, the principal actor is the incredible Adrien Brody. First, I'll start with a little résumé of the movie.

Little résumé :

Henry Barthes is an English teacher and his profession is a simple substitute. He spends his life going from school to another and never stays long enough in the same one, preferring to opt for the detachment, as the film’s title suggests and avoiding any form of emotional connection or attachment to its students or colleagues.
When he arrives at a suburban New York school, where the faculty is totally frustrated, he discovers depressive teachers, cynical and violent adolescents, who are not interested in anything. Soon, Henry gets enough attention throughout the class, giving them the tools necessary to open knowledge.
One evening, Henry meets Erica, a young prostitute. He decides to help her, offering her to live with him and feed her as his own daughter / sister. This meeting is a real upheaval in his life, and it makes us discover a new facet of his character : he’s actually quite atypical, tormented, and hides a dark past.
Detachment is a film in which we see three weeks of the lives of different teachers in an American public high school, through the Director being overwhelmed by what happens to him and his students “without parents”. Not only does the film depicts the American educational system, but it also creates a bleak picture leads us to reflect on the situation.
The main character never fully recovered from the untimely death of his mother, so lives as a renaissance through the rescue of the lost child, helping her to get back on the right path. The film ends on a note of hope and a more positive feeling than in the beginning.

> I've decided no to post the critic but only the résumé because it was going to be very long. Maybe i'll post the critic an other day we'll see...

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